Heeeeeeeeeres Johnnny

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One time

When I was 13 and a stupid bitchfuck I was at the farmers market with my mom and I got really upset for some reason. So I was walking away really pissed off and a man at this kettle corn stand called me over

Man: hey
Me: what
Man: ill trade you this [bag of kettle corn] for for a smile. Just one smile no more no less.

And I felt so stupid because I was like obligated go smile since it was like a stranger and I was also kind of embarrassed for being so obviously in a shitty mood. But I thought the whole gesture was really really sweet and I felt better and humble and everything because it was just a random stranger who didn’t have to give a fuck. And I felt so stupid about being angry in the first place.

Me: thanks
Man: and next time you see someone who is having a bad day you’ll do your best to brighten it won’t you?
Me: yes

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My cat fetching

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